20190518 - Beautiful Baseball Day

20190518 - Up in am and we headed to bfast. Then we split up a bit, L hanging out at pool with the girls, G went tot he field with the team to see the other Gahanna team play and check things out, I hung out int he room and got some things done. Terrill wanted to go exploring and I am all for that so G&I joined him and 3 other boys and we went to see a new sky bridge, line too long. We then stopped along road to explore river, G leading the way, he only one to fall in up to his waist hahahaha! Went to visitors center got directions to another park that had a waterfall. We got there and took a short hike to Cataract Falls and the boys climbed and explored and the boys did OHIO on top.

Back to the hotel and rested a bit before heading to the fields. The place was AMAZING. It had a brilliant layout and the setting was amazing. The 1st game was delayed twice for lightning and then a downpour. The boys made the most of it and G put cups on his ears, a trick he learned from his big brother and they played tic-tac-toe on a baseball with other team. Once we got back to a game it was a good one and the boys won W - GLBLUE 12U (7) @ Knoxville Smokies (2). After a short break and move we started game 2 which was a bit more intense... the game was a bit closer than we like but the boys pulled it off W - GLBLUE 12U (12) vs Derby City Dragons (11). We got done about 10pm and the plan was o to Dave & Busters but too late for us so I spoke up, G not going, others spoke up immediately too, so all back to hotel and got pizzas and ate together in lobby. It was the better choice for many reasons. Long nice day.

D had a hot 3 hour baseball practice today, Nicole took J home and GmaW came down and took D&J out shopping for J's bday. They got some Cane's and came back to the house to eat on back porch and watch the Indians game. J had his girlfriend over for a bit.