20190521 + Practice Visit

20190521 + Up in the am and dropped J off at the normal spot and then I headed to the high school main lobby for a meeting with the Athletic Directors of the both the high school and middle school. We had a meeting about Team App and that they want to make it mandatory for all sports...  After the meeting I headed in to work and came up behind Bill on the highway, so I called him and 'politely' asked him to get out of my way before blowing past him ;-) in to work and working on numbers all day. Transferred to the new office midday to make communication easier. Stayed a bit late for discussions and then headed to D's baseball practice. These boys are big and throw the ball hard. Watched practice and talked to the coaches a bit and then headed home. Had some dinner. L going through the gifts kids brought her for last day of school stuff, J at JGF1's soccer game and G hanging out on the couch watching TV with me. G&I wrestled a bit while I was attempting to collect tax and spilled some ice cream on the couch that made L happy... So the evening wound down and we all headed to bed.