20190520 - Many Meetings

20190520 - Up in the am, very tired, and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Took my time getting to the big office today and started planning the week and catching up. Got a call for G from school, he wasn't feeling well and couldn't get a hold of L, she is busy with last day of school events with her Monday classes. I was able to wake D up and he went and got G from school. Finished the day and headed home. D @ baseball practice, J mowing (he had to repair the mower twice and ran out of gas:-), G on the couch. L made us some dinner, J&I planned when he would start drivers ed and then we all split up. I headed to an Athletic Boosters meeting, L&J to Scouts. After Boosters I ran to Scouts. J drove me home and after only a couple min I got Doc and we ran to Bible Bangers. Ran into Jeremiah there, I had invited him before and he is the guy J bought his car from. I introduced him tot he guys and he sat around and chatted with us for a bit before we started our lesson. Good short meeting. Home and fired up the laptop and got the tasks I absorbed from my earlier meetings done so I could get some rest.