20190501 - J Driving

20190501 - Up in the am and L staying home with G who was up barfing all night... Dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Backtracked and stopped back at home and pulled the recycle bin in out of the road. Off to work the back way, better than sitting in traffic... Got to work and had a trip planned to go to Findlay today but that didn't work... so hung out in the office working on the reporting tool. L called in the middle of the day our sewer had backed up in the basement... I called around and got a crew to the house to snake it out. Finished out the day and headed home. Got home and got some things and ran out to the ball field. I got the scoring set up and then headed back home as G was not playing. J&I headed out, swung by the post office and then he drove me around the NE side of town and we found a bunch of geocaches.  Home and worked on some booster stuff tonight. Not up late.