20190506 - A Lot of Running

20190506 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way to work. Still taking the back way as 270 construction is a nightmare. In to the new office today to observe the invoicing process. Spent a bit of time getting caught up from the weekend. Had a very busy day that seemed to never end. L called me on her way home from dropping G off at baseball upset with J... Home and had a talk with J, got things sorted and a plan for correction. J&I shipped some ebay things and fixed the listings he did over the weekend. I then ran J to Scouts, then to the post office, then to pick up G. Got G, he had a good practice and we ran to Scouts. The Scouts were outside playing a game and they had some fun. Home and hung out watching the Blue Jackets, they lost. Up late working on things.