20190504 - W, Rain, L, Dinner

20190504 - Up early and LG&I headed to Berliner Sports Park for a game. It was a great game until one inning we blew the run rule lead and gave up 8 runs on 8 errors... OMG! Gma&paB showed up to watch and unfortunately it was one of G's worse games... Somehow the boys pulled out a W and we got seeded in the gold bracket. L&I headed back to the house with Gma&paB while G hung out with the McClain's so he could play. We got ready for the party tonight and I grabbed a quick haircut while LJ&GmaB went shopping for J's birthday. All back at the house and we listened to G's game, it was a rainy mess and they got beat bad... L headed to the party early to set up, J&Gma&paB headed out next and G got dropped off and did a quick turn around and him and I headed to the party at Brio in Polaris. It was a nice crowd, all of GmaB's sisters and their husbands were there, not sure the last time we have all been together. Great to catch up with folks and great food. J&I bailed out first so he could drive home in the light. We got home and hung out. Soon everyoe else got home and we chatted until late.