20190523 - Swinging Cats

20190523 - Up later in the am as J didn't have to be to school at the usual time today. Dealing with no data, thanks D for using 33GB of data in 14 days... In to work and a very busy day of getting things done. Went out lunch with Jason and finished off the day. Headed home, ate with L and then relaxed until time to go to G's orchestra concert. LJG&I loaded up and off to the concert. We sat closer than usually and listened to the kids swing cats around by their tails for an hour. Afterwards J and I had headaches, L thought it was good... OMG  We made a stop through UDF to get ice cream on the way home. Home and D back from practice and left to go to a friends house, not sure where he is getting gas money...??? Up late working with AT&T to get on a new wireless plan because D used all of our data (33GB in 14 days) for the month in 2 weeks and our phones aren't working... D home late. I was up late going through pics from as far back at 7/2018.