20190519 - Long Drive for Local

20190519 - Up in the am to too many people asking me to do too many things... Got to the field on time and got things lined up for the game. The first game was good against a local team and our boys were on and did their thing for the W - GLBLUE 12U (8) vs Knoxville Fire (3). After the game we left our stuff at the fields and headed to Quaker Steak & Lube for a long lunch. Back to the fields for game 2 against JBAC, a team from Mansfield OH and the curse of the between game delay set in and we were done... L - GLBLUE 12U (2) @ JBAC (17).  The game was not good and we were out of the tournament so we packed up and headed home. But this was a great experience for the boys.

Got on the road, stopped for ice cream and gas, one more stop for gas and to eat dinner. Got American Idol playing in the car for L and heard of huge delays on 71 so went home up through Wilmington and Washington Courthouse to get home around 11pm. Checked in with D&J and heard about their weekends: D had practice and J had his big end of year choir concert that GmaW took him to. Headed off to bed. Up 3 times in the middle of the night.