20190525 + Run Party Work Party

20190525 + Up late and got a couple things done at the desk. G&I out to run some errands, Post office, gas station, bank, TSC in Pickerington to get mower blades and a belt and Home Depot for a spud bar, air filters and cement. We got our stuff done and swung by the house to pick up L&J to head to Mansfield for Jake Loughman's graduation party, D was working. It was great to see and catch up with all of the Loughmans and Gma&paW were there for a bit too. The party was at Forest Hills Golf Course and JG&I stole a couple of golf carts and rode all over and even got a couple holes in with a golfer that I knew that was willing to teach G how to not swing a golf club like a baseball bat, he better stick to baseball... We hung out a bit more, I lost my magnetic sunglasses somewhere and then we headed back towards home for a cookout. 

Home and had a bit of time before the cookout so I got the air filter changed int he furnace and got the AC on, G&I then realized we got the wrong mower blades... so we leveled up and secured the gate post and poured cement around it. D home from work and J&G on the Xboxes so L&I headed back to TSC to swap out the mower blades and then swung by an auction house to pick up some wins. On tot he McClain's and D drove J&G over and we had a cookout. We hung out in Bill's workout room hiding beer cans so they would show up on his Instabook posts and then the boys went outside to play games until they were annoyed with each other. Good just sitting around chatting with them. Home not too late.