20160520 - Bday Party 4 Jack

20160520 - Up and in to work, getting things done. Headed to the Isuzu dealership around lunchtime and signed over the title to the Rodeo and got a check :-) Then a quick stop at the Apple store to pick up my phone and one more stop at the Gahanna BMV to pick up the title to the Acura. The liine was too long to wait to get plates so I headed back to work for a meeting and to walk the floor and make sure everything is looking good for next week. Ran out to the Grove City BMV where there was no line and got plates for the Acura and then a stop at Dairy Queen for a couple footlong coneys and a small blizzard. Back to work wrapping up the week.  Headed home in good time and helped L get the final touches done for J's party tonight.  D helped me get the projector set up and then headed out to stay with a friend for the night.  J had a 12 friends show up and 2 girls, one of which is his 'girlfriend' (the furthest on the right below).  They jumped on the trampoline, watched some videos in the garage as it was raining and we couldn't use the big screen we made, and they ran around playing games in the rain...  Everyone survived and all left by 11.