20160528 - Grad Parties

20160528 - Up WAY TO EARLY for a Saturday... G&I headed to Dublin to get ready for his game. We met the team there, warmed up and then got our butts kicked :-( After the game G&I rushed down to Grove City to meet up with L and watch D play his 1st game with his summer travel team, he is starting catcher :-o He did great and they won! LG&I then left D there for his second game. We ran to Target to get a college starter kit for Katie (Twister, red solo cups, ping pong balls, 'Get out of jail free' cards, a deck of cards and a big bottle of aspirin). We swung by the Cole's and got J on the way North. We got to Katie's graduation party and it was great to see all of the Loughman clan together again. We visited for a while, checked out the cicadas that were humming loudly and then headed South for another party in Newark. We got to Erin's party and checked out their house, we had never been there before, nice big old place. We had some food and chatted for a bit and then headed home. D was home, they won their second game too. DG&I headed out to an auction house to pick up our winnings and then on to another grad party. When we got to Are's grad party we decided to give him what we won at the auction, a 18" tall statue of Moses with the 10 commandments. A perfect gift for a young Jewish man to put on his dresser ;-) We hung out and played some cornhole with him and then headed home.