20160527 - Big Win

20160527 - Up in the am and hit a double rush hour today...  1st to pick up my phone in Dublin and 2nd to get to work...  Gma&paB were in town and L and the boys went out to eat with them. J went home with the Cole's for the night to escape baseball for another night. I finished up work early and headed home to get the fam. We swung by a neighbor boy's garage sale that was raising $ for a trip to Europe with the school band next year to buys some stuff and then headed to Dublin. We dropped D off at the HS Regional Final game and LG&I went on to G's game, also in Dublin. G's team had a big win against the Licking County Outlaws. The Varsity team lost their game and D caught a ride home with a friend. We headed home to get G to bed because he has an early game tomorrow.