20160513 - Gahanna Grill Girl

20160513 - Up in to work, trying to stay ahead of the curve on some things...  Headed home after a full day and L was reducing the size of her garden.  I helped out by watching, offering advice and having a beer.  We didn't have plans for dinner so decided to walk downtown to come up with some ideas.  We passed our neighbors and the parents of one of D's friends that had the same idea.  We ended up at Gahanna Grill where we had a nice meal on the patio.  J&G wanted to go play at the school so we sent them on ahead and took our time.  We walked home and stopped at the neighbors, Jim & Vicki, who earlier told us they were going home to make a homemade berry tart.  Se we invited ourselves over and had some :-)  J&G finally home from the school playground and then a couple of little neighbor boys stopped.  D called frantically, said his car alarm would not shut off and he needed my help.  Shortly after we heard a horn get closer and closer and D pulled in tot eh driveway with the car alarm honking :-)  I got him squared away and he decided not to head back over to his friends house and stay home and watch 'Deadpool' with J&I.  It was a good movie.