20160505 - J Pushed Back

20160505 - Up in the am and in to work with a long visit from the police... WE had 2 customers on site again today that kept us busy. After a long day of crunching data I headed to D's game, it was freezing. D playing left field today. He got a hit that advanced the runners but he was out at first. L and G stayed at D's game and I took J to his soccer game. J got in and was very aggressive making good plays and pushing back on guys twice his size. L&G showed up after D's game, they lost. J's team got 2 goals and won 2-0. L&G headed out early to go home and make dinner. J&I headed home after the game and saw the JV Baseball team having dinner on the patio at Chipolte. Home and ate and then settled in for the night.