20160514 + Freezing Tie?

20160514 + Up in the am and got some stuff done. D&I headed out to Meijer to get a gift for his girlfriend's bday and pick up a couple of gifts for J.  Then we headed to Grove City to meet with D's summer travel baseball team, they will be representing the Grove City American Legion Post 164.  After the meeting I got D some gas and paid him back for his teams hat I got for myself.  We swung by my office and got some paper.  D then drove me to meet L&G at J's game.  D went on to his girlfriend's bday party while we froze watching J's game, and it ended in a damn tie.  What sport ends in a tie?  Home to grab more stuff for J and his sleep over and got him delivered for his buddy Evan's bday.  LG&I swung by 5 Guys for a burger before heading to the McClain's for a night of fun with friends.