20160508 + Mother's Day Sink Trip

20160508 + PU in the am and J&G got L coffee and a doughnut in bed. L up getting ready, I hit the office to get some things done. All the boys up and gave L her gifts. We hit the road south to Ikea near Cincinnati to get her a sink for the kitchen. We walked and walked and G talked and talked, 'Mom, look at ..., Mom, look at...", over and again... He loved this stuff... all the boys did. Halfway through the sore we stopped at the cafeteria for lunch, it saw so so... Downstairs to finish the maze and the boys were getting slap happy by this point so we rush through the rest of the store. Our purchases loaded and we headed home and hit traffic jam. So we took a detour through Fort Ancient and found a relic store buried on this old that was jammed packed with old stuff and many out buildings that they boys loved climbing through. We stopped at Fort Ancient but they were ready to close so continued North. We stopped at the outlet mall to get D a pair of shoes and hit a barbecue place on the way out. It was an ok meal and we then finished our trip getting home about 9pm. D&I watched Fear the Walking Dead while the little boys headed to bed.