20160519 - Everyone Busy

20160519 - UP in the am and in to work. Spent a lot of time on the floor today and had a customer in. Stayed a bit after work to get a phone case etched, looks pretty cool, but isn't the official Gahanna 'G'... Home and got some food while L gave me an update of one of her last days of school with students. L was trying to get her riding mower running, D shipped some stuff, J fixed his bike tire, G used J's new soccer kick return thingy, I had a beer. DG&I headed out for supplies: auto store to get power steering fluid for D's car, turn in a battery we got from the rental, get a new battery for L's mower, then G ran shipments in to the the post office, we hit Massey's to get a pizza box to mail D's record sale and then to Meijer to get another inner tube. Home and L watching Gray's Anatomy on the back porch, D finished shipping, J taught G how to fix a bike tire, I had a beer. Up late watching my shows and ;pinging sports folks from around the city in search of the official 'G'.