20160529 - Beat and AC ON

20160529 - Up in the am and not such a hurry today. I got some things done at the desk and then the whole fam headed to Dublin to see G's game. We played a team from Indiana and had to wait 2 hours for our game to start... We got the crap knocked out of us :-( we were in the last inning, our last at bat and the thunder rolled and they called the game. I was not happy, we had just started a hitting streak... oh well. Gma&paW had come down for the game and we all went to dinner afterwards in Dublin. We then split off the boys went with Gma&paW to Dick's and various outher places... L&I headed home with a stop at BWs for a beer with some of the coaches. We all got back home and D&I got the AC running to cool us down from a hot day at the ballfield. We settled in and watched 'Robot Overlords'.