20160531 - Awards

20160531 - Up and ready in the am. A guy showed up to measure our countertops. L got the boys up and started on their daily lists. I got some things done at the desk before heading into work with a stop to get a haircut on the way. The fam ended up at the pool all day. I worked, left a bit early to stop by an auction house and pick up stuff for the boys to sell. Home and ate quick, then D&I headed to the high school for the Spring Awards Banquet. It was interesting to hear all of the awards won by this huge school. After the big meeting we broke off into individual sports where the players were recognized individually. D's coach announced each player by position and D was last. He announced D as his 'Jack of all trades that plays any position on the field, and plays them well'. There were a ton awards passed out, Joe Wolf and I passed out the 4 year athletic awards for boys that had played baseball all 4 years of their high school career. Some of the boys won district and state recognition. pretty impressive. D&I swung by Kroger and Burger King on the way home for supplies. Up late watching the 'Admiral', a true story of a Dutch hero.