20160517 - Dead Phone

20160517 - Up in the am and my iPhone is DEAD...  In to work and had the meetings and got the things done I really had to do...  Bailed out and headed to the Apple store to see what they can do about the phone.  I waited an hour...  Got a loaner and they sent my phone off to a depot for a repair return.  Out to the ball field to get things set up for the game tonight.  I got the concession stand set up and the first round of dogs and burgers cooked, D helped and then stayed behind to hang out with some of the other players.  Home and no one was home; L&G were picking J up from his first night of baseball conditioning :-o  then had dinner with LJ&G.  After dinner J&I headed out to work on his bike tire.  G joined us and we ended up playing catch with a football to help with his newly required skills.  D got home and joined us in the backyard catching everything.  All in and D&G downstairs to watch baseball.  LJ&I hung out and watched Archie Bunker until G came up and made us all ice cream.  All boys to bed and I stayed up and got caught up on some stuff.