20160522 + Auction Time

20160522 + UP in the am and all to church. Home and I got some stuff done at the desk. We had lunch and then D headed out for baseball practice and to a teammate from last year's graduation party. L hung around the house to get some yard work done and JG&I headed to Johnstown to an auction. It was an ok auction and we got a couple things to sell and G loaded up on baseball cards. One box an older guy G had been talking to bought for him, his new buddy :-) we stopped at Whits for ice cream on the way home and tried to hit a couple of garage sales, but everything was closed. We tried to get the VW washed but all the car washes were closed... So we swung by City Barbecue and got dinner and headed home to listen to some of the old records on the old record player we got at the sale. JG&I with Doc met Adam, the new neighbor, then I threw the football to J&G for a while, then ran to Dave's warehouse to get more stuff for the boys to list. Home and watched Fear the Walking Dead, D strolled in about 10 and gave us the update that the practice was very long and the party was good. Up late buying things on auction sites to get the online store ramping up $ for D.