20160509 - No Tooting

20160509 - Up in the am and the VW was completely dead... Got it started and to the dealership. They 40k mile recommended service was only $975... :-o I had received a $500 dealer gift card from VW for the whole VW diesel debacle and let them know that this car, only 1500 miles out of warranty would NOT cost me more than the $500 for the 40K service and to figure out why it was completely dead... Kevin picked me up and took me to work. Quick day lining things up for the rest of the week. Kevin ran me to the dealership to pick the car up. It cost exactly $500 ;-) Home and L made us omelettes for dinner. D was at a varsity baseball game, L took J to his band concert. G&I worked on his 'Cow' report, then we went to J's concert. J had the same dare that D had when he was in band, to blurt out some notes when the band director is talking to the parents at the rate of $20/note... Nuttin... G is my only hope... The concert was ok, the 6th graders went last which meant we had to sit through the whole things (YAWN). Concert over and all home. I grabbed Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers.