20160515 + Yard Work

20160515 + Up late and got a couple of things done at the desk.  DG&I loaded up and headed to Lowe's to meet Tom, get some mulch and supplies and order a countertop for L's kitchen.  We loaded up the white car with as much mulch as we could but couldn't get it all.  Home with a heavy load.  Gma&paW were there, they had brought some gifts for J's bday.  D&G headed back to Lowe's to get the rest of the mulch.  I built a frame for J's movie screen then worked on the bricks on the East side of the patio  :-s  L&D spread mulch until D left to pick up J from his overnight bday party and then for youth group.  L&I finished up what our old bodies could and headed in for the night.  L had a friend stop over for a chat.  I got cleaned up and crashed after watching Fear the Walking Dead.