20211028 - Trick or Treat

20211028 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and got on my am call and then was crazy busy all morning. Hazel and I took a walk and we ran into a baby crawling on the sidewalk. Hazel has never seen a person that little before and was not sure she liked someone that small. She warmed up to him and I had to drag her away. We also met the neighborhood guy that has the movies and does fun stuff as he was setting up for trick-or-treat tonight. Home and back to the desk and J got home. G called and was going to XC tonight. L home and I finished up my day and headed out to throw the ball to Hazel abit and it started sprinkling. L&I got a tent and the fire table set out by the road for trick-or-treat. We had our dinner out there between kids stopping by. Why does it have to be rainy and crappy every year for trick-or treat? We didn't have many kids and this was the first time in many years we didn't have a boy out gathering me bags of candy. We got things cleaned up and headed in.