20211014 - G & Bathroom Pics

20211014 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I jumped on calls and stayed on them until I left to meet Rob for lunch at Pies and Pints for some AWSOME wings. It was a nice lunch. Home and back to the desk. Getting a lot done on the new project. Finished the day late. Threw the ball to hazel and bit, had to wash her feet as the yard is muddy from L spreading grass seed and watering it down. G brought dorky pics home from school today. We had some dinner. L ran G to his xc dinner. L put the finishing touches on her bathroom. I ran over to the Mallonn's to help them with an electrical issue. L&I cut some more of Hazels hair and we got some talking buttons for her, we'll see how that goes... Up late watching baseball with G.