20211026 - 18,628 Days for Me

20211026 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got myself around and started the day. It was a busier day than I wanted. Hazel and I took a walk and found the honey guy, Ed. He moved here from France 20 yrs ago and is very interesting. We got some honey from him and headed home and back to the desk. After work I had to figure out where we were going to go to eat. It was a mess because D's car was parked in at his apartment and I couldn't find a new place towards his house. D called and his car was free so he headed our way. LDG&I headed to dinner at Longhorn for a nice meal, we couldn't get ahold of J... After dinner D&G headed to the soccer game but it was half over and they didn't stay. L&I stopped to look at iPhones and then headed home. We helped D find a Halloween costume. J home and not up too late.