20211009 + Green?

20211009 + Up in the am and L ran to Home Depot to get paint for the bathroom. I got around and headed to the back yard. I replaced the mower deck engagement cable, took off the deck and sharpened the blades. I then removed some pavers from the patio and cut out roots that were making things shaky. I had the Buckeye's game on while I finished up and mowed the back yard during half time. L got a couple coats of paint on and we finished the game on the porch on a beautiful day. L headed back in for more painting and I ran to Kroger and picked up some brats, macaroni salad, Doritos and Corona and limes, and carrot cake and pumpkin pie for dinner, one of my favorite meals. Home and I cooked the brats while L finished up and we ate on the porch watching some football. J home and L ran G to a friends for a bday party. I got the laptop out and started getting caught up on some things on the porch with football on.