20211010 - DGF12

20211010 - Up in the am and L&G in Olentangy for his first baseball practice with the new coach. No idea where J is. I got up and got bills paid for the next couple weeks and got ebay stuff shipped. D and DGF12 showed up. We had never met DGF12 before so it was a treat. L grilled her with all the usual questions and I had a couple, poor girl. She seems very nice. Today is Hazel's bday so D, DGF12 and I took her to the dog park to socialize a bit and then got her a small frosty on the way home. Home and we grilled brats and burgers for dinner. We all sat outside and had a nice meal, chatting and watching football, J&G here too. D&DGF12 headed out and I settled down in front of a TV to watch some football and dig in to my emails to be better prepared for the week. J headed out, G headed upstairs and L is now questioning her green paint choice in the bathroom... I was up late and got a call from J at 1am that he had locked his keys in the car. Hazel and I drove to his rescue and then headed to bed.