20211013 - Fast Game

20211013 - Up in the am and L at school and J at a friend's and G sleeping, no school again...??? I got to the desk and started calls, D was on one and we spent a bunch of time going through records with him. L home and got G up and looked for J. I had a new hot project dropped on me today... Finished up my day and then came out for a bite to eat and to throw the Ball to Hazel a bit. Hazel and I then ran to the gas station. Home and I worked on the washing machine with G. L Hazel and I then headed to D's softball game at Berliner. His games move fast as they only get 1 pitch. It was a good game, D got a triple w/ 3 RBIs that kept the guys in the game but they lost by one. Home and I was up very late working on the new project that was dropped on me today.