20211008 - Toga

20211008 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G sleeping as the don't have school for whatever reason...  I got to the desk and had a call to introduce the New Hire tracking tool I have been building over the last couple days. L home, I finished my day and then L&I walked down to Creekside to try out the reopening of Signatures. The Mallons met us there for dinner. It was maybe just ok... They messed up most of our order, not what we had hoped it would be... After dinner we walked home and then L, Penn and I headed to the GLHS football game. L and Penn went and sat down, I met the Boosters at their table and helped finish up the program sales and 50/50 raffle. I waited for the raffle winner to show up, paid her and headed up to watch the game. It was a great game, probably the best we have ever seen the Lions play and a HUGE win. It was toga night and J was roaming around in his sheet. Headed home after the game. Dropped G and Trent off at Trent's so he could get his stuff and dropped Penn off and checked out their kitchen demo. Picked G and Trent up and back home. Watched some TV to finish off the night.