20211022 +

Up calls

J drove to Newark

Signed in, forced him through the fair to get things signed off

In to auditorium to learn about Newark

J won a prize for getting his card filled out, prize was broken

We took a walking tour of the campus, nice little place

As we were leaving I let them know the prize he got was broken, they gave him more stuff.

Went to Bummies for lunch had some fried pepperoni and amazing burgers

J drove home

Got home and J took off and I hit the desk trying to do a couple of things before the end of the day

I met Rob the Scoutmaster at the church and got he scout tent in case of bad weather tomorrow and we hung out for a couple minutes and got caught up.  Home and it was crappy weather so L&I didn't want to go to the high school football game. J&G went with friends, all dressed in pink for their theme tonight. L&I went to Burger King drive through for dinner, ate in the Kroger parking lot and then got groceries. Quite the data night. Home and got the groceries but away and did a bit more for the party tomorrow and in and I started watching the new Dune movie. 2.5 hours long... It explained things WAY better than the 80s version movie, but this 2.5 hour version only covered 1/3 of what the 1984 version did, so I guess more to come. G home from the game the Lions won and he had a blast and lost his voice.