20211016 + Leaves Late Party

20211016 + Up in the am And L had dropped off G early to ride the bus for the XC meet that he has not yet been cleared to run in. L and I got the garage cleaned out and Hazel and I took a huge load of stuff to Goodwill. Home and L was picking G up. Hazel and I ran to Gahanna Hardware and swapped out 3 propane tanks. Home and L and I checked out he washing machine. It was working, sometimes it does, sometimes it don’t. Of course every time I look at it it is fine… we carried all the party supplies up and got a good list of what else we need to do and get. I ordered a couple things online for in store pickup and then Hazel and I then headed out. Our first stop was Lowe’s to pick up a LED bulb for my office. Hazel went in with me and got to meet some new folks. We then headed to Home Depot in Westerville to pick up a screen protector they didn’t have in stock at our store and Hazel got lots of love there and some treats. Our last stop was the pet store where she looked at all the toys and we got her food and treats. Home and I installed the new screen on the back door while L was raking leaves, which Hazel was happy to help with. 

I installed one of the new propane tanks on our fire table and it leaked horrible. So I swapped it for another of the new ones and we are in business. I’ll have to take the other one back. We all headed in and G wanted to open the presents we got him. He got his stuff opened and G’s buddies started showing up for his bday party. I ran and picked up some pizzas and the boys ate. They played in the backyard and then came in for some cake and to sing happy bday to G. My God these boys are big!

We had football on and I tried to get some things done on the pc. J stopped by to give G a present and give him a hug and then headed out for the night. We watched football until after midnight and headed to bed. We were woken up at 2am with the boys making ramen and then again at 5am form their running and laughing upstairs. No ones getting much sleep tonight…