20211017 - Singing Portrait

20211017 - Up in the am, L had made cinnamon roles for the boys and gave them one as they slugged down the steps and put the door. All of G’s buddies gone and G&I headed to Olentangy Berlin HS for his baseball practice. I hung out and got some things done and took a walk while practice was going on. L&J got the ladder out and trimmed the ivy on the side of the house. G said there were only 6 kids there and they looked ok. We raced home, I dropped G off at the house and headed straight to the HS. I got in and found L, Nicole, GmaW and Gma&paB and we settled in for the choir concert. The concert was good and sad to think this is one of the last times we'll go to watch J do this. They did really good and it was very enjoyable. After the concert we headed back to the house and D&G had replaced one of the flood lights on the back of the house while we were at the concert. GpaW was there and he looked and acted MUCH better than the last time we saw him. G opened his bday presents and then we went out for a nice dinner. Home and relaxed a bit. Chris over to watch the Walking Dead. I stayed up with G and watched baseball.