20210529 - Sparks Fly

20210529 - Up WAY TOO EARLY and LG&I headed to Olentangy for baseball. It was FREEZING!!! G's team played pretty horrible and we got run-ruled in the first game. There was not enough time to run home so we found a Culver's had had a nice long lunch. Game 2 G took the mound and we played a better team and stood our ground until about the 4th when the wheels came off and we lost that game too.  Home and warmed up a bit. Hazel and I headed to the dog park to stretch her legs from being caged up all morning. We stopped and got some McD's on the way home. Home and ate and watched some TV and got some things done on the laptop. G came down and tried to heat something up sparks and smoke flew out of the microwave... I did some research and it looks like a little mica sheet called a waveguide that burned up. I found sheets of mica on ebay for $10. We'll see if it works... J home and back out spending the night at ta friends.