20210524 - Running Home

20210524 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. L just doing end of year cleanup and inventory. J had his short day and brought sausage McMuffins home. I headed in to the office where I had a couple calls and got a bunch done. Lonie was in the Worthington office today and swung by the house on his way home. Unfortunately I was on a call so could chat long. L had a bit of a screaming incident today when she tried to set a chipmunk free that somehow got stuck between the screen and window in the garage. I was on a call so J had to come to her and the chipmunks rescue...  After work I had to re-setup our home wifi due to some Google changes. After a bit L, Hazel and I headed to Berliner to watch a bit of G's practice and a bit of D's game. D's team has so much fun on the field, bunch of crazy boys. Home and watched some TV and did some stuff on the pc until late.