20210523 + House Trim

20210523 + Up in the am and L headed to her friend Steph's to help with a graduation party today. I got dressed in long pants and a long sleeve shirt to protect myself from getting more sun today and headed outside to trim the side of the house. G's buddy headed home and G watched as I was on the ladder. J got home and finished the high parts for me and G helped put stuff away. Hazel and I headed to the dog park for a bit. J headed to work. Hazel and I swung through Wendy's to get frostys and see J. Home and did some Booster stuff and then ran G to his basketball open gym and met the coach. Home and charged the AC on L's big white car and did more booster stuff. Ran and picked G up and we got dinner at McD's. Home and ate, G&I watched a bit of a movie before he headed upstairs and I did some more Booster stuff. L home and told about her day. J home and chatted with us for a bit. We watched American Idol finale and headed to bed in good time. i stayed up and got more Booster stuff done.