20210515 - STATE CHAMPION!!!

20210515 - Up in the am and G&I headed out to pick up some auction wins. Gary is shutting down his store and relocating. G&I got our stuff and headed home. L delivered some food and cleaned up her friend Marlene's house as she is with her father in hospice. G headed to the State Track meet early with some of his teammates. I headed out to meet cousin Jennifer and her dogs at the Gahanna dog park and walk and chat a bit. Hazel and I swung through Wendy's to get frostys and lunch on the way home. Home and ate and listened to G's baseball games on my phone, they won one and lost one. L&I got ourselves together and headed to Hillard to the State Track meet. We got some good seats and were joined by Terrill and D showed up. We bet on all the races and then the very last race, the MAIN EVENT, the boys 4x400 that G and his buddies were in. The race started and was FULL GO from the gun! We yelled and screamed and cheered!!! we were in 3rd, then 4th, then 1st, then 2nd and then G pushed through at the alst second and got 1st to handoff to Owen and he zoomed the boys to a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and new school record of 3:41:13. AMAZING FAST!!! AMAZING TO SEE!!! SO EXCITING!!!!

We rushed over to the podium for the awards ceremony and it was SO COOL!!! We took tons of pictures and then all the boys and families came back to Coaches in Gahanna for a celebration dinner. Home, the adrenaline still rushing and settled in for the evening.