20210501 + Tree Choppers

20210501 + Up late and got around and headed out to work in the backyard with L. G had a couple friends show up. I chopped off half the apple tree and had G and his buddies take the pieces as I cut them to the burn barrel. I then had the boys move the trampoline and I dropped a dead 30' tree the was along the back west fence. I had G and one of his friends use the chainsaw to help me cut the tree in to pieces. The boys carried all the pieces to the burn barrel and I gave them so cash to run downtown and get a treat. L got her trimmers out and trimmed the back East hedge as I burned the tree piece and cut firewood sized pieces. Hazel was in heaven with a backyard full of people for the day throwing the ball several thousand times to her. In the late afternoon G had 8 boys on the trampoline as I burned the last of the tree pieces as the sun went down. In and cleaned up and can't move.