20210527 - Stealing Home

20210527 - Up in the am and J&G headed out for their last day of school. Hoping they come home graduated to the next grade 😬  I had calls and was in the office all day, while L and Hazel worked in the yard. J got home from school and officially passed into his senior year! 🎉 G home next and graduated to high school! 🎉 After work LG&I headed to Berliner where G is playing up a league with a 15U team tonight. L&I dropped him off and ran to get subs for dinner. G had to borrow a heavier bat and hit a short infield ball that he beat the throw to first and got on base. He then stole 2nd, 3rd AND home! G ended the night 3 for 3; Single, stole 2,3&home, Double, stole 2, Single, stole 2&3