20210517 + Beer with D

20210517 + Up in the am and LJG at school. Havel and I got up and around and I jumped on an am call and then stayed at the desk. L home and took Hazel on a walk. G caught a ride to baseball practice and I worked on the fire table that was leaking propane and threw the ball. I ordered the part needed to fix it and then L Hazel and I headed to Berliner. We drove past D's team as we headed to G's practice. L stayed at G's practice and Hazel and I went and had a beer with D and his teammates. L&G joined us as D's team, the 'Natty Knights', took the field for their game. We stayed for a couple of innings and watched the boys have fun. Home and J and Conor were there working on a school project. G&I watched some TV and got his cards packed up to send off to be graded. Up late watching TV.