20210509 + Mother's Day on the Road

20210509 + Up WAY TOO early and LG&I drove to Cincinnati through the rain to get to his game. It wasn't raining when we got there but it was FREEZING! The boys played and they did pretty good. We were ahead by the time thunder and lighting started and they called the game and we got to our cars before the hard rain hit us. The team went to BW's for a meal while we waited to see if there were any more games today. It was good for the boys to spend some time off the field together. While we were there we got the notification that the rest of the days games were cancelled, so we finished eating and headed home. We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home to see if L could find anything for the bathroom makeover, no luck. Home and J gave L here Mother's Day presents and then headed to work. D stopped over a bit later and gave her a plant and hung around for dinner. I took a nap and then took Hazel on a walk. L&I watched some TV until J got home from work and headed to bed.