20210508 - Lots of Visits

20210508 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Worthington to watch G at a huge track meet, there were 32 schools there. We got there early so I wandered around and watched some of the high jump, discus and shot put. I caught G's first race from the backside of the track and yelled at the boys as they ran the 4x800 and came in second by a fraction of a second. I headed back over to where L was sitting and Terrill joined us. We had our stack of quarters and bet on all the races. G opted out of running in the 400 and so we stuck around for the last race the 4x400 that he was going to run in, of course the very last race... the boys ran there brains out and came in 2nd by 1 hundredth of a second, good enough for them to qualify for the state meet next weekend. We packed up, got G and headed to Cincinnati to join his baseball team. We listened to the game on the way down and they lost their first game. We got there in the 1st inning of the 2nd game and the boys did better, but still got beat. We headed home and stopped for some food on the way that took forever... Home and I threw the ball to Hazel for an hour. L&I then ran over the McLain's for a short visit, great to catch up with them. Home and I dropped L off and headed to Dave's for a visit, he had a couple other fellas over and we chatted and had bacon and cheesecake. He gave us a tour of his huge house and the candy factory he has set up in the basement. Home late and too bed.