20210506 - Finally on the Field

20210506 - Up in the am and on the phone for the entire day. Knocked a lot of things down and checking them off today. L home and took Hazel on a big walk. J home early and headed out with friends. I finished up my day with a late call. L ran to pick G up from track, Luke, G's friend got dropped off to take him to a scrimmage. Out of the office, ate and we headed to Academy park. This was the first on field / game experience G's coach has had with the boys. They played better tonight than in the past... G did ok and just as he got on the mound to pitch they called the game as another team showed up to use the field... Home and I went through the tings G listed last night and updated them. Then out to watch some TV with L. Stayed up WAY TOO LATE going through local online auctions and watching American Horror Story.