20210522 - I got BURNED!

20210522 - Up in the am and LG Hazel and I headed to Galena for a double header. While the teams were warming up Hazel and I took a walk back along a creek and through a small woods. We stayed out in centerfield where we found some shade and a nice breeze. L joined us and we watched some baseball. G was having an off day on the field and at the plate. The boys lost the first game, we had a short break and then started the second. Second game not much better. G's bat did wake up and he hit a nice double and got called to the mound where he did a great job. Loss #2 for the day and we headed home, got changed and headed to the Bowman's for a team cook out. It was when we were changing that I noticed I got burned. Not a little. Like lobster red on my knees and shins. I was in the shade?! We had a good time at the bowman's chatting with the parents and the kids had a blast. Their young coach fit in great with the boys and adult enough to fit in with the bigs. Home and Luke came with us and G and Luke headed back to the school to play basketball with some friends. G didn't come home with Luke, but came home with Madden and Madden was spending the night. I have no idea how these things happen... I played the boys in trouble and then they vanished upstairs. I applied aloe several times while up late on the pc.