20200731 + Relax Then STRESS!

20200731 + Up in the am and L down to the beach. I hung back and checked on D, he had a minute clinic appointment and they said strep throat or mono... but not enough to of the symptoms a to test for COVID-19. I woke the boys up, had a margarita for bfast and headed down to the beach to sit in the surf with L and cover myself with sand. We checked back in with D and he hasn’t got his prescription yet. The boys showed up about 1 and got a little wet but didn’t stay long. G&I stayed out and caught a couple more waves before heading up to the pool to swim for a bit. L brought the rest of the stuff up from the beach and G&I helped her get it to the room. We got cleaned up and then JG Larson and I walked 1.3 miles down through the heart of MB to get to Mount Atlanticus, a huge putt putt place. We played all 36 holes.

While we were playing I got a call from L that D had gotten worse and couldn’t swallow at all, hadn’t eaten and was planning to go to the ER... I scrambled and got ahold of my buddy Terrill the ER Dr. and made arrangements for D to meet up with him at baseball tryouts. The boys and I finished our game, D and Terrill met up and Terrill sent D to the hospital that he works at. We walked back and got to the room about the time D got to the hospital. Terrill had called ahead, had a room, IVs and test waiting for D. D walked in, was taken to his room and hooked up with no wait. Took a couple baseball calls and seems G’s team is defiantly done and no chance of putting together another Gahanna team... checked in with D and he’s been stuck and tested and getting filled with fluids for a couple hrs. L&I put in an order at Scatori’s, a cute yummy Italian place we found last year and ran out to pick it up. Back to the room for a feast and reviewed the statistics from the week of putt putt: 8 courses, 144 holes, 35 hole in ones and I hung on to my title!. Had a couple more baseball calls come in. Checked back with D, he came back negative for strep and mono so it is just tonsillitis, Terrill said it could be any of a dozen things causing it. We got D tested for COVID while he was there, he didn’t like that. After 2 bags of fluid, steroids and a bad of antibiotics D drove himself home. I stayed with him until he got home and made himself some food and headed to bed. I relaxed a bit from what started out as a relaxing day and ended in an incredible ball of stress. Got myself to bed late.