20200715 - Cliff Jumper

20200715 - Up in the am and L had already ran to Terrill’s to drop off G’s mouthpiece at 5:30am. I dug in to find an issue in a database. D&J headed to work and L headed to Marlene’s to have lunch and swim. Got some texts and pics of G in WV, he’s having a blast. Everyone home, I’m still in the office fixing. D went to a ballgame, J cleaned out his car, L home and cooked us dinner. L not feeling well so she stayed home while J drove me to Newark to watch D play baseball a bit. We had a white skunk right under us in the bleachers but he didn't spray us. We watched D play one inning and they pulled him out so J&I headed home. J told me all about how vacation worked this year and I think we can make it work. Home and I waited up for D to talk to him about vacation this year.