20200709 + New Baby

20200709 + Up in the am and headed to the Endocrinologist for a regular visit. D headed out to a friends baseball game and J had a square of cheese on his car door we made him get up and clean off. Had a good visit at the Dr. Everything is really close to normal range so just a slight adjustment in meds and I'm good to go. Home and hit the office. Got a ton of stuff done today and finished up late working with Lonie trying to solve a problem that has been bugging the crap out of us. L got a call from the neighbor and was asked to watch their baby for a bit while they ran an errand. The baby go picked up and L&I jumped in the car and ran across town to watch D play baseball. We ran in to some parents from last year and had some good conversation. Home and made sure everything was packed and gave final instructions to D&J and headed to bed.