20200725 + Hotel Change

20200725 + Up super early and on the road. We made great time and with our new E-ZPass zipped through WV and made it to Skeeter’s for some dogs in Wytheville in great time. We took a quick stroll down to the world's largest pencil before hitting the road again.

Down the road a couple hrs and we found the US  National White Water Center. We parked a mile away and walked through blazing heat to find the oasis of amazing rapids and zip lines and obstacle courses. We walked all the way around the place to get some ideas of what we wanted to do. L was NOT having any part of the white water and the boys only wanted to do the obstacle corses so that’s what we did. The boys ran their brains out and had a blast. L&I tried a couple things too. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful place.

Back in the car and on to the world’s largest rotating metal head and the bronze bulls. Sweaty and hot we made it to our hotel and the pool was closed. UGH! So we looked for another hotel on our phones and were about to give up when we stumbled upon a water park just down the road. We went to check it out and L found out it was a members only place, but somehow sweet talked the ladies at the desk and got her and the boys in for free! I headed back to the hotel and checked in before heading back for a quick swim. After our swim we too our stuff in to the room. L was having no part of this place (it was definitely a smoking room at some point and the smoke detector was beeping)! I found us another place but it was another hour down the road... We packed back up, went across the road and got some carry out and headed further south. We got to the new place and it was amazing! Exhausted from a long day on the road we all crashed.