20200726 - How Many Asses?

20200726 - Up and got the boys around and we got on the road. Our first stop was a little place called ‘South of the Boarder’, a huge conglomeration of giant animals and wild colors on both sides of the road with a store for everything, just across the SC boarder. We took some photos and got back on the road. We were getting hungry so J found us some food and we ended up getting Hardee’s and eating at a little park in Conway. Not too much farther and we were in Myrtle Beach. We got to the resort and checked in. We got upgraded to a 3 bedroom ocean front on the 8th floor and L and the boys went but and were all smiles as we walked in, this place is beautiful! Oh and there is amazing ocean right out there! We got unpacked and L&I watched JG and Larson run in and play in the ocean from the balcony. After a bit we headed down, checked on the boys and then out for groceries. We swung by a CVS for a glasses strap and then to Zaxby’s to pick up dinner. We called D and he’s doing ok. One last Stop at Food Lion and they brought the groceries and put them in the car for us. We headed back to our place and the boys helped L get the stuff up to the room as I parked the car. We all ate and then G&I headed out to a beach store where we found some slick bottom booth boards and other goodies. Back to the room and we all headed to the beach. G tried out the new board and said it was way better, J and Larson headed towards the boardwalk and L&I took a walk down the beach. We all met back at the room where I got the xboxes online and then LJG&I  played some euchre that ended with J&I victorious and L in her room mad at us. The boys got some ice cream and other treats and headed to their rooms for the night.