20200706 - Too Hot

20200706 + Up in the am and J took G to cross country and then on to a 4 mile run for himself. L took Lilly on a walk and I got the PC fired up. I headed downtown to meet with the ocularist and get my eye cleaned, first time in 9 years. He said everything looked good... Home and got on the PC and started working. G had his buddy Luke come over in the afternoon and J headed out with some friends. After work LG, Luke and I headed to Dublin to watch D play some baseball. D did ok and seems to like being on the field and hanging out with the guys. He got a nice hit and played the whole game. After the game we headed home, swung through Popeye's to get spicy chicken sandwiches and go home and eat. G and Luke tried to sleep out in the shed but it was too hot so they came in. J home late, was playing poker. I stayed up and got some work done on the PC.